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Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai

The  Global Vipassana Pagoda is one of the most important points of interest to Indian tourists and foreigners

The Global Vipassana Pagoda Pagoda was initiated by Pratibha Patil, at that point President of India on 8 February 2009.[1] It is based on gave arrive on a landmass between Gorai rivulet and the Arabian Sea. The pagoda is to fill in as a landmark of harmony and agreement. The Global Vipassana Pagoda has been worked out of appreciation to the Buddha, his educating and the network of priests rehearsing his instructing. Its customary Burmese structure is a statement of appreciation towards the nation of Myanmar for safeguarding the act of Vipassana. The state of the pagoda is a duplicate of the Shwedagon Pagoda (Golden Pagoda) in Yangon, Myanmar. It was assembled joining old Indian and present day innovation to empower it to keep going for a thousand years.

The focal point of the Global Vipassana Pagoda contains the world’s biggest stone arch worked with no supporting columns. The stature of the arch is roughly 29 meters, while the tallness of the structure is 96.12 meters, which is double the extent of the beforehand biggest empty stone landmark on the planet, the Gol Gumbaz Dome in Bijapur, India. Outside breadth of the biggest segment of the arch is 97.46m and the shorter segments is 94.82m. Interior distance across of the arch is 85.15m.[4] within the pagoda is empty and fills in as an extremely enormous reflection corridor with a region covering in excess of 6000 m2 (65,000 ft2).The enormous internal vault situates more than 8000 individuals empowering them to rehearse the non-partisan Vipassana reflection as educated by Mr S.N. Goenka and now being polished in more than 100 nations. A debut one-day contemplation course was held at the pagoda on 21 December 2008, with Mr S.N. Goenka in participation as the instructor. The point of the pagoda complex is, among others, to offer thanks to Gautama Buddha for apportioning what devotees accept is an all inclusive instructing for the destruction of anguish, to teach people in general about the life and educating of the Buddha, and to give a spot to the act of contemplation. 10-day vipassana reflection courses are held gratis at the contemplation focus that is a piece of the Global Vipassana Pagoda complex.

Global Vipassana Pagoda Mumbai Timings

Day Timing
Monday 08:00 am –5:30 pm
Tuesday 08:00 am –5:30 pm
Wedesday 08:00 am –5:30 pm
Thursday 08:00 am –5:30 pm
Friday 08:00 am –5:30 pm
Saturday 08:00 am –5:30 pm
Sunday 08:00 am –5:30 pm


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